Sunday, May 23, 2010


Antivirus, Spam and Network Security Protection

Panda Cloud Protection, is a powerful Internet cloud based security solution, that provides complete antivirus, security & spam protection services for computers, email and web. With the full suite of Panda Cloud Protection your network is safe and secure.

* Ensures the best maximum antivirus security firewall protection

* Reduces costs, great value with LOW annual subscriptions

* Optimizes resource consumption (exceptional performance)

* Saves time, easy, quick view of blocked spam & antivirus

* Simple to install, manage and maintain with web interface

View the presentation with a video at the end. A brief overview of features and benefits of the Panda Cloud Protection at:

iPad and Velcro, a Match Made in Heaven

Who said iPad is useless? Think again. The iPad and Velcro, a Match Made in Heaven. Awesome...
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